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Fishing, Tadpoles, and Texas History at Jones Park Bookmark

What birds do you encounter in your daily life? Find out the first Saturday each month with Jones Park volunteer Al Barr. This guided bird walk offers participants the chance to observe, identify, and document the different species seen throughout the year. Information from the bird counts is entered into a citizen science database to help track species and population trends in the park. No experience is necessary. Anyone 10 and up can participate. Bring binoculars and wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies at Home Bookmark

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies at Home
While many believe monarch butterflies play only a minor role in nature, Jones Park volunteer Christina McKinney has a different perspective. With more than 325 flitting around her home, butterflies often take center stage. Christina began her foray into the butterfly world in May 2016 after volunteering at a garden with her three children. While weeding the flowerbeds, they noticed tiny white dots on many of the plants. “They had a whole slew of these little monarch eggs everywhere, and we asked if we could raise a couple of them,” she said.

Beauty and the Beast Named Summer Movie Nights in the Park Featured Film Bookmark

Beauty and the Beast Named Summer Movie Nights in the Park Featured Film
Finishing off the summer with one of the year’s top box office movies, Precinct 4 presents 2017’s Beauty and the Beast Thursday, Aug. 17 at Burroughs Park and Friday, Aug. 18 at Collins parks. In this live-action remake of the Disney classic, a selfish young prince is transformed into a hideous beast with only the castle’s servants as company. To break the spell, he must earn someone’s love before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose. The task seems hopeless until he meets the courageous Belle. Don’t miss this final summer activity!