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Preserving Greenspaces Bookmark

Preserving Greenspaces
Back in the late 1960s, 11-year-old Barbara Conley ran through the woods along Spring Creek barefoot in search of blackberries. She and her family ambled along the banks hunting for Native American arrowheads. As teenagers, she and her friends walked across a tree that had fallen in the creek to picnic on a nearby sandy bar. In the evenings, her family dined on perch and other fish caught on the trotlines Conley tended to each day. Though Conley lived along Spring Creek almost 50 years ago, not a whole lot has changed. “To this day, as you walk toward the back of Timber Lakes...

Student Turns Volunteer Opportunity into an Internship Bookmark

Student Turns Volunteer Opportunity into an Internship
Mercer’s diverse group of volunteers bloom when planted in the right place with the attention they need to grow and thrive. For years, Mercer has welcomed a different species of volunteer, botanically known as “studentaei internus,” but more commonly known as the student intern or student volunteer. Kayla House is a senior at Quest Early College High School who volunteered 40 hours at Mercer this spring.

Why I Volunteer at Mercer! Bookmark

Why I Volunteer at Mercer!
Volunteering never gets old at Mercer Botanic Gardens. Whether leading tours or working with rare and endangered plant species, Mercer volunteers are passionate about their projects. Many have been coming to Mercer for decades and take on new roles as their needs and interests change. Some volunteer almost every day while others visit only a few hours per week. Mercer even has volunteers who come once a year for March Mart and other annual events. Why are Mercer volunteers so dedicated? Mercer’s Volunteer Coordinator Jamie Hartwell recently sat down with a few of the dedicated workforce to find out.