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Pollinator Festival and Fall Plant Sale at Mercer Botanic Gardens Bookmark

Pollinator Festival and Fall Plant Sale at Mercer Botanic Gardens
Support local and migrating pollinators in your community while adding color to your fall landscape! Discover caterpillar- and butterfly-host plants during Mercer’s Pollinator Festival and Fall Plant Sale Saturday, Oct. 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the East Side Gardens. These plants not only provide a critical food source for bees and butterflies, they also add beauty to the landscape. Be on the lookout for these pollinator favorites at the plant sale: • Showy Milkweed

Little Blue Library at Mercer Bookmark

Little Blue Library at Mercer
For many patrons to Mercer Botanic Gardens, a visit to the park isn’t complete without a stop at Baldwin Boettcher Library. So, when the library closed last year due to severe flood damage, Commissioner R. Jack Cagle, Jim Nutter, interim director at Mercer Botanic Gardens, and Edward Melton, director of the Harris County Public Library system (HCPL), started working together to bring books back to the garden. They called it ‘Operation Dreamers and Schemers.’ “We looked at innovative ways to keep a library

Saving Pollinators at Mercer Bookmark

Saving Pollinators at Mercer
Mercer’s always been butterfly friendly, but now it’s a certified waystation. Mercer recently introduced a new Pollinator Garden, funded in part by a grant from the Native Plant Society of Texas. Located near the Children’s Garden, this garden features pollinator favorites such as milkweed, black-eyed Susans, and Mexican sunflowers. The garden’s location was chosen carefully as a transition between the Shakespeare Garden and the Children’s Garden, which also contains nectar-producing plants. Jacob Martin, Mercer’s greenhouse manager, said Mercer hopes the garden will help spread awareness