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Debris Removal Hotline Still Active Bookmark

Debris Removal Hotline Still Active
Precinct 4 continues to make progress on debris removal for the nearly 11,000 homes that flooded across the precinct. With the first of three passes complete, debris removal crews are now beginning their second pass in Precinct 4’s flood-affected areas. Although crews required three weeks to clean up after the Tax Day Floods last year, Precinct 4 and its partners are now removing the same amount of debris in two days. To date, crews have removed nearly 500,000 cubic yards of debris from Precinct 4 neighborhoods.

Fighting Back Against Bandit Signs Bookmark

Fighting Back Against Bandit Signs
It’s a crime almost as ordinary as speeding, only harder to ticket. In highly populated areas with little regulation, businesses looking for cheap advertising post signs at intersections and high traffic areas offering “fast cash” for homes and low-cost contract work. Now, as home flippers, contractors, and roofing companies strive to capitalize on victims of Hurricane Harvey, more signs than ever are popping up in communities across the county. In Precinct 4, Bill Lee, superintendent of Precinct 4’s Road...

Debris Removal by the Numbers Bookmark

Arduous, staggering, and monumental have all been used to describe post-Harvey cleanup efforts. In the wake of catastrophic flooding brought on by 30 to 50 inches of rain, many residents are wondering how long they will have to wait before their debris is removed. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. Here’s what residents need to know about debris removal: • Debris removal crews will continue visiting each neighborhood until all debris is removed. In Precinct 4, nearly 11,000 homes flooded with more than 2 feet of water.