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Jones Park Volunteer Feature: Don Roe Bookmark

For more than 26 years, Don Roe has been essential to Jesse Jones Park Volunteers. Starting as a tour guide in 1992, Don’s passion and enthusiasm for the job quickly earned him a promotion as a tour guide coordinator. A history lover with an affinity for nature, Don enjoyed introducing inner-city children to the sights and sounds of nature and demonstrating the lifestyles of early Texas settlers. His enthusiasm was especially beneficial in inspiring others to volunteer.

Wildlife at Jones Park: You’ve Got a Friend in Me Bookmark

Opossums are arguably one of the most maligned and misunderstood creatures on our continent. They have a reputation of being dirty, diseased, ugly, mal-tempered, and unintelligent. However, the truth is the opossum is an ecological hero and one of our greatest allies in the fight against diseases.

How to Prevent Wildlife in the Walls Bookmark

We’ve all heard it before: a scratching in the attic, thuds under the deck, and rooting around in the walls. These are the unmistakable sounds of a home invasion — by wildlife. But never fear! Learn why winter is the best time for preventative measures.