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Trip Planning Guidelines

Questions to Ask for a Successful Trip

While discussing reservations with a destination representative, always provide them with information/history about the group, i.e. average age of the group, physical limitations of passengers, etc.

The following questions will help plan the best possible trip for your group:

Important: Always ask for the very best accommodations for the group.

  1. Where does the bus/driver drop off and pick up passengers?
    • Is it close to the entrance?

  2. Where does the bus park?
    • Are there parking fees?

  3. How much walking is required?
    • Is the surface flat?
    • What is the walking surface: paved, gravel, dirt, grass, etc.?

  4. Is the facility at the destination wheelchair-accessible?

  5. Is there a place to sit down and rest?
    • If someone does not wish to take the tour, is there a place for them to wait for the group?

  6. Are rest rooms easily accessible?

  7. What is the duration of the entertainment, tour, activity, or event?
    • How early should we arrive?
    • When do the doors open?
    • Will we have reserved seating?
    • Is anything included, like refreshments?

  8. Will you receive a written confirmation?

  9. Will anyone meet us? If so, get the person’s name.

  10. Is there something special to see or do at the destination: A “don’t miss” event?

  11. What happens if it rains?
    • Will the event be cancelled or rescheduled?
    • Is there a canopy or portico where the passengers can exit and enter the vehicle in rainy weather?

Reservations . . . and the Money (!)

  1. Are there any fees, charges, etc?
    • Any special or extra charges not included?
    • Is there a senior adult discount?
    • When is the money due?
    • Is a deposit necessary to hold the tickets, reservations, etc?
    • When is the final payment due?
    • How should the check be made out?
    • Will they accept a personal check?
    • Do they need only one check?
    • To whom and where do you send the money?
    • Are there free tickets, meals, parking, etc.? For example, one free for 10 full paying; or one free for 15 full paying (ticket for bus driver)

  2. Will they provide individual checks for meals?
    • How much is the tax?
    • Will the gratuity be included?
    • Is the bus driver’s meal complimentary?

  3. What is the cancellation or refund policy?

Always record the name of the person making the reservation and the date the reservation is made.