Day Trips

Commissioner R. Jack Cagle is pleased to provide day trips transportation services to Harris County Precinct 4 residents 50 and older. The goal for all Precinct 4 adults 50 and older to participate in educational and recreational activities is met by a fleet of buses driven by highly trained, professional drivers.

Organized groups with members 50 and older that meet within the boundaries of Precinct 4 can register by filling out a Trip Coordinator and Group Contact form. Church groups, civic associations, gardening clubs, and community service organizations are just some of the groups that are participate in Precinct 4’s transportation program.

Please review the Trip Coordinator Handbook and direct all correspondence and communication relating to Precinct 4’s day trip transportation services to: Harris County Precinct 4 Transportation Department at 713-274-4050.

Our Fleet

All buses transporting Precinct 4 travel groups must meet the following minimum number of passengers. Our 26 and 40 passenger busses have lifts. Our 14 passenger buses can only travel a 60-mile radius from your pickup location.

14 Passenger Bus – Minimum 10 Passengers

26 Passenger Bus – Minimum 13 Passengers

40 Passenger Bus – Minimum 20 Passengers

New Trip Coordinator?

    1. Fill out a Trip Coordinator and Group Information Form.
    2. Fill out a Bus Reservation Form.
    3. You will be contacted within 7-10 days to confirm reservations.
    4. Complete the Trip Itinerary Form at least 30 days prior to day trip.


Groups may use a Precinct 4 bus for 10 hours and may travel approximately 150 miles from the pickup address. No overnight or out-of-state trips are permitted. Travel to racetracks, bingo halls, or gambling establishments is not permitted.

Departure times cannot be earlier than 7 a.m. The pick-up and return point must be the same location and located within Harris County Precinct 4’s geographical boundaries.

Some dates are not available to book a Precinct 4 bus. No trips are scheduled on Mondays or county holidays. Any additional days when buses may not be booked will be grayed out on the bus reservation form.

1) Fill out a Trip Coordinator and Group Information Form.

2) Fill out a Bus Reservation Form with your requested bus trip dates.

3) Our office will contact you within 7 to 10 days to confirm your reservations.

4) Complete the Trip Itinerary Form at least 30 days prior to day trip.

Fill out the Bus Reservation Form with your requested trip dates. Include alternate dates in case your first choice is not available. Our office will contact you within 7 to 10 days to confirm your reservations.

You may reserve buses up to one year in advance. Groups are allotted one bus per month on a first-come, first-serve basis. Large groups may reserve two buses for the same day. You may call our office 30 days prior to the following month to see if additional buses are available.

Trip Itinerary Forms are available online or to print and fax or email. Trip Itinerary Forms must be received at least 30 days prior to the trip. Please note that once the itinerary form is submitted, other than a rest stop, no additional stops may be added during the trip.

If you need to contact us after hours, on weekends, or in the event of an emergency, please call:

Pam Beucler, Transportation Manager – 832-712-0347

Manuel Calderon, Administrative Assistant – 832-405-8834

Peggy Peyton, Administrative Assistant – 713-703-4799

Group members must be 50 or older, with the following exceptions:

  • Caregiver over the age of 18.
  • An adult child with special needs over the age of 18 traveling with a parent.
  • A religious leader and spouse, limit one couple per trip.
  • A person who is the group leader or a spouse of someone over the age of 50.

Not all wheelchairs can be safely secured for transport. Transport chairs are not allowed on the lift.

Please call our office at 713-274-4050 if you have any questions regarding your mobility device.

To keep our buses pristine, please advise your group that only water may be consumed on the bus. Eating, drinking (other than water), and chewing gum are not permitted.

Handguns are permitted on Precinct 4 buses, but take into consideration the destination on your travel itinerary whereby weapons may be prohibited. Weapons may not be left on transportation vehicles provided by Precinct 4.

Please refer to the Trip Coordinator Handbook to view Precinct 4 Transportation policies.