Destinations Galore Travel Show

Destinations Galore Travel Show
09:30AM January 15, 2020 to 01:00PM January 1, 2020

Shopping around for great trip ideas? Need some new and interesting places to visit? Look no further! All Harris County trip coordinators are invited to visit with representatives from historical societies, chambers of commerce, festival and special event coordinators, plus trip and tour planners from southeast Texas. Transportation is provided by Precinct 4 Encore! for individuals 50 and above. There is no cost for this event, however, reservations are required to reserve a seat on the bus. Visit or call 713-274-4050 to register for this and other Precinct 4 Encore! events.

Boxed lunches will be available for purchase for $10 and include a sandwich, chips, fruit cup, cookie, and a drink.

Register at or call 713-274-4050




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