Infrastructure Division

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Infrastructure Division

The Infrastructure Division administers and manages Precinct 4’s Capital Improvement Projects Program. The CIP program includes road expansion projects, traffic signals and intersection improvements, and traffic management systems designed to improve mobility and air quality.

The Infrastructure Division also oversees the Child Safety Fund which is used to provide warranted school zone flashing warning signals in compliance with Precinct 4’s criteria, the installation of a warranted traffic signal system facilitating the movement of traffic around a school facility to promote student safety. To find out if your area meets the criteria of the flashing warning signal, please click Flashing Warning Signals.

School Zone Flashing Warning Signals

Minimum criteria for Precinct 4 to install School Zone Flashing Warning Signals (FWS):

  1. A formal request for FWS installation from the respective school district must be submitted to Precinct 4 for evaluation.
  2. A traffic engineering study must be completed and approved by Commissioner’s Court for a reduced school zone speed limit and
  3. Review and approval of the traffic engineering study must be accomplished by the Harris County Engineering Department – Transportation & Planning Division.

Funding is limited and is typically prioritized to address the needs of public elementary and intermediate/junior high schools first.

*Note: Precinct 4 will evaluate a request for FWS systems from a private school system and consider the installation of a warranted FWS system, as funds are available, if the requesting entity (private school) is the property owner of record where the school is established and the requesting entity enters into an Agreement with Harris County to fund a significant portion of the construction cost.