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November is Tree Planting Season

When the growing season winds down, Precinct 4’s Legacy Trees Project ramps up. Fall is officially tree-planting season in Texas and one of the busiest times of year for Laura Medick, who leads Precinct 4’s Legacy Trees Project. Medick brings historical, native, and orchard trees to public green spaces in neighborhoods, schools, and parks across […]

Blue Light Cemetery at Bear Creek Pioneers Park

If you think cemeteries are spooky, just imagine visiting one with glowing tombstones. Deep within Precinct 4’s Bear Creek Pioneers Park is a hidden cemetery known for the ghostly blue light that emanates from the graves in the moonlight. Known locally as the “Blue Light Cemetery,” the Hillendahl-Eggling Cemetery was founded by German immigrants in […]

Progress in Your Parks

From pickleball courts and cricket fields to new trails and amenities, Precinct 4 is making a lot of progress in your parks. We recently funded six new SPARK park projects for students and community members to enjoy at schools in Houston and Alief ISDs. Sinclair, Rodriguez, Memorial, Kennedy, Hearne, and Alexander elementary schools received a […]

Monarch Butterflies Begin Fall Migration

September marks the beginning of monarch migration season, and Texas is one of the most important waystations for butterflies to rest and refuel. From September to November each year, more than 500,000 monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles south to warmer climates. Unfortunately, there may be fewer butterflies filling the skies this year. The International […]

All4Fun Brings More to You

Precinct 4 now offers better events and programs for children and families, thanks to its new nonprofit, All4Fun. For nearly 21 years, the Fun4Seniors nonprofit has supported Precinct 4’s senior adult program by providing food for luncheons, classroom supplies, event tickets, and more. But as the precinct grew, Precinct 4 employees saw the need to […]