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What is the Role of a County Judge on Commissioners Court?

Local government can be confusing. Terms such as county judge and Commissioners Court may sound like your elected officials are conducting trials when, in reality, their duties couldn’t be more different. So, what does a county judge do, and what is Commissioners Court? Teachers teach. Preachers preach. Doctors doctor. And, the members of Commissioners Court […]

What is Precinct 4’s Infrastructure Division?

If you notice new roads in Precinct 4, they’re likely the work of Precinct 4’s Infrastructure Division. The team manages new traffic improvement projects each year, including road expansion projects, traffic signals, intersection improvements, and traffic management systems. What are the funding sources?  The Infrastructure Division receives funding from the METRO fund, Harris County Toll […]

Precinct 4 October Festivals

Summer may be over, but the fun continues this fall in Precinct 4. Whether you love cider and sweaters or costumes and candy, we have an event for you. Check out the lineup below. Native American Heritage Day Saturday, Sept.11, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center Join Jones […]

HCSO’s Graffiti Abatement Program

If you’ve noticed more graffiti over the past year, it’s not your imagination. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has seen a sharp rise in graffiti since the COVID-19 shutdowns, especially along the FM 1960 corridor in north Harris County. Areas usually experience a spike in graffiti when children and adults are out of school or […]

Seeds for Tomorrow

Harris County Flood Control District is sowing the seeds for tomorrow. When it comes to preventing erosion, slowing floodwaters, and filtering stormwater, nothing rivals native plants. Adaptable, resilient, and low maintenance, they stabilize the soil and require little mowing, making them ideal for growing in basins and along the thousands of miles of channels and […]