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Tax Rate Increase

If you own a home in Harris County, listen up. Next year’s tax bill may be higher than expected. A majority on Commissioners Court voted this month to raise the county’s property tax rate by 2.262 cents, to 65.260 cents per $100 assessed valuation of your home. If the new tax rate receives final approval […]

Harris County Approves Priority List for Flood Bond Projects

Commissioners Court recently adopted guidelines determining how Harris County Flood Control District will prioritize flood-control projects identified in the 2018 bond project list. Projects will be ordered according to a set of weighted criteria. The formula will give the most weight to factors accounting for the number of structures removed from the floodplain, the likelihood […]

Pollinator Festival

Life as a pollinator may seem easy during the spring and summer, but fall brings new challenges. As winter approaches, bees produce excess honey to sustain them through winter while migrating species like monarch butterflies and hummingbirds depend on nectar plants to fuel their journey to warmer climates. When these plants are in short supply, pollinators […]

Answers to your FAQs: How many community centers are in Precinct 4? What do they offer?

Mangum-Howell Center at Doss Park is Precinct 4’s only dedicated community center in a precinct of nearly 1.4 million residents. The facility spans 15,600 square feet and offers adult and limited children’s programs throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy evening exercise programs, crafts, games, and monthly luncheons. Center hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 […]

Answers to your FAQs: Who maintains the roads?

One of the primary duties of a county commissioner is to plan, build and maintain roads and bridges. It’s a major undertaking, but even more so in Precinct 4. With 5,366 “lane miles” and 2,628 “linear” miles, Precinct 4 has the largest road and bridge maintenance area of any precinct in Harris County. (“Lane miles” […]