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Mathews Park combines with Broussard Park

  The City of Tomball and Precinct 4 signed an interlocal agreement in October joining two small parks into one 20-acre space. Although the agreement does not transfer ownership, the agreement authorizes Precinct 4 staff to “establish, provide, maintain, construct, and operate” recreational facilities at the park, while the city will provide a connection to […]

FAQs: Commissioners Cagle, Radack Force Property Tax Cut

  Harris County residents have paid the same property tax rate since 2007, but property owners may notice a different number on their tax bill this year. Commissioners Cagle and Radack recently forced a countywide tax rate cut after defeating a proposal to increase taxes by 8%. Wondering how these changes will affect your tax […]

Fall Monarch Butterfly Migration

Timing is everything when it comes to spotting monarch butterflies. Like birds, butterflies migrate to their northern breeding grounds in the spring and to warmer wintering sites in the fall. Because Texas is an important waystation for butterflies to rest and refuel, you’ll likely catch a few more butterflies than usual fluttering in your garden […]