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Speakers Bureau

Book a Speaker

Precinct 4 boasts a Speakers Bureau that educates homeowners associations, neighborhood groups, nonprofits, clubs, and other residents about county government. Discover the parks, trails, and recreational activities, and more in Precinct 4 by contacting us to speak on the following topics: Your Guide to Harris County Government and Your County Commissioner Fun Programs for Senior […]

Ready to Respond in Precinct 4

Since assuming office in 2011, Commissioner Cagle has led the response and recovery for numerous hurricanes, floods and other emergencies. He maintains a fleet of rescue vehicles serving residents throughout Precinct 4, including four flat-bottom boats and three high-water rescue vehicles. During floods, Precinct 4 employees certified in high-water rescues use these vehicles to transport […]

Shakespeare Festival

Discover Something New in Precinct 4!

New programs are on the way to a park or community center near you. Imagine waking up for an early morning hike, taking a bus ride to a museum, attending a nature talk outdoors, and ending the day with a movie in the park. In Precinct 4, it’s all possible. We offer movie nights under […]

What is Precinct 4’s Infrastructure Division?

Precinct 4’s Infrastructure Division manages new traffic improvement projects every year, including road expansion projects, traffic signals, intersection improvements, and traffic management systems. As part of Commissioner Cagle’s commitment to safety, the Infrastructure Division will begin installing new flashing school zone signs in schools throughout Precinct 4 in 2022. Precinct 4 also installs sidewalks around […]

Harris County Commissioners Court

County Government 101: What is a Commissioner and Commissioners Court?

The Texas Constitution establishes commissioners courts in every county. Each commissioners court is made up of a county judge and four commissioners and is the governing board of that county. Commissioners Court members create county-wide policies, adopt budgets, set property tax rates, authorize contracts, maintain county facilities, and more. Commissioners at the precinct level are […]