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Mule Ears

It was said one time that mule was a very friendly animal. He liked to visit, and just talk and talk and talk to all the other animals in the forest. But one day, mule noticed that he was starting to have trouble hearing the other animals talk. He couldn’t hear the Nitas (that’s what […]

Why Catfish Have Flat Heads

Long ago, when the animals spoke to each other, not far from where our village is now – there was a big, deep pond. This pond was spring fed with cold clear water, tall cattails, tall, thick green grass, and beautiful lush green trees grew all around this pond. In this pond lived these great […]

Strack Family Member Shares History of Kissing Tree

One of Julie Haggard’s earliest memories involves playing in her aunt and uncle’s barn near a large oak tree. Although the barn disappeared long ago, the oak tree lives on in Precinct 4’s Kissing Tree Park. Dubbed the “Kissing Tree,” the ancient oak tree near Louetta Road and T.C. Jester rose to fame after residents […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Second Sunday Pickers’ Bill Hunn

Few scenarios test the skills of a musician like a public jam session. Unlike reading music, jam sessions require players to improvise while keeping time and tune with others. When players work well together, the experience can be transcendent. “Playing with other people teaches musicians to keep time,” said Bill Hunn, the volunteer leader of […]

The Pleasant Surprise of a Bowfin

By Jason Naivar, Program Coordinator As a freshwater naturalist, I always look forward to the annual fish survey at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center. It’s the one time a year when Jones Park visitors can glimpse the diverse life hidden beneath the murky surface of Jones Park’s largest waterway. As you can imagine, […]