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Harris County Precinct 4 Planning New Community Center

By Crystal Simmons Jan Sexton, the director of Precinct 4’s community centers and Encore! program, is well versed in providing more with less. She has spent years overseeing a community center and an activity building that provide programs for 1.2 million residents in an area covering 390 square miles. “We serve the largest population in […]

Not Your Average Mosquito: “Mosquito Assassins” Unleashed

By Crystal Simmons Hidden among the leaves of a bromeliad, a merciless predator awaits its next victim at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Cockrell Butterfly Center. Using strong, ant-like jaws to grip its prey, this aquatic hunter feeds on every pest mosquito unlucky enough to hatch in its vicinity. Dubbed the “mosquito assassin,” the […]

Neighbors Helping Neighbors- Community Response to Disaster

By Joan Gould As wildfires raged through Bastrop County in 2011, Angie Fontenot, now the Tomball Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) facilitator, led a team of caretakers and animals from a research facility to safety as the encroaching flames threatened their homes and families. “The fire was four miles from the facility, and I had […]

Check Out Mercer’s Tool Library

By Alicia Alaniz Books aren’t the only items you can check out from Baldwin Boettcher Library at Mercer Botanic Gardens. Visitors can now also borrow tools. Baldwin Boettcher’s tool library opened in March for visitors interested in do-it-yourself gardening and landscaping. “The tool library is an opportunity for our guests doing lawn and gardening projects […]