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Partnering for Success on Major Road Projects

By Taelor Smith Residents and visitors to Precinct 4 routinely cover the area’s 2,700 miles of roads each day, occasionally encountering potholes, downed traffic signs or other problems. The road to fix those problems, though, often begins when a resident submits a request to Precinct 4’s Community Assistance Department. “The need [for upgraded roadways] comes […]

The Stories Trees Tell: Unrooting the Past

By Crystal Simmons   Precinct 4’s Kissing Tree looms large off T.C. Jester Boulevard and Louetta Road. With its gnarled, moss-covered branches, the ancient oak looks like it belongs on a stately, centuries-old campus instead of a busy intersection near a gas station.   Although this humble home may not seem important at first, it’s […]

Inspiring Innovation

By Taelor Smith The COVID-19 pandemic has affected families across the world in many ways. In Harris County, community groups and organizations have modified programs and developed new ways to serve residents who are struggling financially or emotionally. Residents now have access to quality programs and safe recreational activities to help them cope with the […]

Exploring Precinct 4 from the Sky

By Crystal Simmons As a child, Randy Shewmaker built toy airplanes out of junk he found around the house. As he matured, he started experimenting with powered airplanes. “I’ve been building model powered airplanes since I was about 9,” he says. “I was building model parts out of plastic bottles and building stick-and-tissue airplanes that […]