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The Quest for Rare Plants: Meet Mercer’s Plant Hunters

By Crystal Simmons Long before orchids became America’s best-selling houseplant, they enchanted generations of Victorian-era Europeans willing to pay a premium for the exotic import. Beautiful, fragile, and most importantly exclusive, New World orchids rivaled art, fine wine, and even precious stones in their collectability. Unfortunately, the only way to find such a species was […]

Elements of Science

By Joan Gould The Houston-Galveston area topped the charts during the 2020 City Nature Challenge, an annual worldwide citizen science competition documenting urban biodiversity through the smartphone app iNaturalist. The Houston-Galveston area logged more than 27,000 observations and 3,300 unique species. Citizen science opportunities like the City Nature Challenge invite the public to experience science […]

Know Your Precinct 4 History

By Taelor Smith A drive through Precinct 4 may reveal the same types of subdivisions, businesses, construction pockets, and vast areas of farmland found in any other area of Texas. What isn’t so obvious is the centuries of history hidden in northwest Harris County. Precinct 4 is home to nearly 50 historical markers that recognize […]

Responding to the Pandemic

By Crystal Simmons   Mark Sloan didn’t see home for 21 brutal days during Hurricane Harvey. He spent mornings and nights shoulder to shoulder with command staff and afternoons and evenings crowded into Harris County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). By the end of the 2017 storm, the center had swelled from the usual 44 people […]

Serving the Community

By Crystal Simmons   When Italy went under lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, a photo of dolphins swimming through the brilliant blue canals of Venice soon began circulating online.   Although the photo turned out to be fake, it held a sliver of truth: nature was healing. As cities around […]