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Community Enrichment Through The Arts

By Joan Gould Entertainment and tourism are well-known benefits of theater, museums, concerts, and festivals, but the arts also enrich communities by serving a more profound purpose. A recent study of the five New York City boroughs suggests that the idea of a “cultural ecosystem” – looking at the way cultural assets fit together in […]

How Technology is Transforming Birding

By Crystal Simmons The thrill of discovering a coveted and rare species in an unexpected location has long fueled passions for birding. But until recently, the activity wasn’t known for its hip, tech-loving followers. Now, thanks to widespread smartphone use, birders of all ages are trading in bulky field manuals for high-tech birding apps and […]

Building Better Roads: Precinct 4 Creates More Environmentally Friendly Roadways

The benefits of roadways are well documented – they can connect communities, promote economic development, and provide opportunities for growth. But, like many modern structures, they can also damage the environment, absorb heat, and disrupt natural drainage. Fortunately, new design standards allow Harris County to minimize those drawbacks and maximize the benefits. By embracing new […]

A Message From Commissioner R. Jack Cagle

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Precinct 4Update, the premier online and print magazine for residents of Harris County Precinct 4! As your commissioner, it is my pleasure to tell you about all the county facilities, programs, and services available to you. I believe that one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to share […]

Scams Abound on Social Media: Learn How to Separate Fact from Fiction

By Crystal Simmons  If a lottery winner offered $5,000 to send a tweet, most social media users would jump at the chance. In fact, tens of thousands of Twitter users did just that last year — retweeting the message and then awaiting their cash. The message, of course, soon became one of the most viral […]