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In Honor and Remembrance of Fallen Police Officers

By Alicia Alaniz Former U.S. Rep. Ted Poe recently retired after a memorable career as a congressman, judge, and prosecutor. But as he prepared to leave office late last year, Poe was thinking about another group of public servants. Who, he wondered, would take his place as sponsor of his annual police memorial ceremony? Poe […]

My Day in Precinct 4

By Crystal Simmons The idea of trying new activities is an appealing one. Most of us like to imagine ourselves learning a new hobby, traveling to new locations, or getting in shape. Then life gets in the way. Like many of my peers, I was always either too tired, too busy, or too preoccupied to […]

Harris County Animal Shelter: Leading the Pack

By Joe Stinebaker It wasn’t all that long ago that Harris County officials had to expand the county’s animal shelter — not to accommodate the number of dogs and cats awaiting adoption, but to provide a “euthanasia wing” to dispose of hundreds of unwanted pets every week. Veterinarians, technicians, and volunteers who had devoted months, […]

More than Trees: Forest Management at Jones Park

By Kaci Woodrome A doe jumping through tall grass, a baby armadillo fumbling through fallen leaves, an assassin bug on the hunt for a meal on an American basketflower. These are just a few examples of the diverse life that can be found at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center. For Jones Park’s Forester […]