With more than 434 million pieces of litter found on Texas roadways each year, littering is one vice Texans just can’t seem to give up. In fact, a Texas Department of Transportation survey found that one in four Texans litter.

Fortunately, Precinct 4 residents can fight back.

Harris County Precinct 4 works with individuals, organizations, and businesses to keep roadways clean through the Adopt A County Mile program.

Not only does the program improve the aesthetics of local roadways, it also improves the cleanliness of creeks, bayous, rivers, lakes, bays, and the Gulf of Mexico. Uncollected litter along roadways ends up in storm sewer systems and eventually discharges into these receiving waters.

Those interested in joining the program must commit to cleaning a Precinct 4 roadway at least every three months for one year. Once a sponsor has adopted a roadway, the organization’s name will be posted on a sign, recognizing the group for its service.

To sign up for the Adopt A County Mile program, contact the Community Assistance Department at 832-927-4444. For additional resources, visit:

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