All4Fun Brings More to You

Precinct 4 now offers better events and programs for children and families, thanks to its new nonprofit, All4Fun.

For nearly 21 years, the Fun4Seniors nonprofit has supported Precinct 4’s senior adult program by providing food for luncheons, classroom supplies, event tickets, and more.

But as the precinct grew, Precinct 4 employees saw the need to support more residents.

“Our former nonprofit, Fun4Seniors, has unofficially supported many of our programs,” said Kathy Perez, the director of Recreation & Community Centers. “After redistricting, we decided it was time to expand our nonprofit to kids and families.”

Perez explained that Harris County prohibits employees from spending county resources on consumable items. Unfortunately, that restriction left some county employees struggling to pay for basic program materials.

“Many bought food and snacks with their own money,” said Perez.

 Precinct 4 employees can now provide more of what residents love. All4Fun supplies items like snacks, refreshments, art supplies, and party decorations for festivals and events. It also provides educational materials, sports equipment, and musical instruments for residents to borrow at Precinct 4 community centers.

“We basically pay for anything the county budget doesn’t support,” Perez said.

Becky Newman, the director of the Steve Radack Community Center, said the extra funding has allowed the center to provide more art classes, bus trips, luncheons, and festivals. Most recently, the nonprofit paid for food and decorations and offered additional staff support for Precinct 4’s first International Festival.

“The support has been phenomenal,” she said. “Now we’re able to do more for the community.”

Melissa Venegas, the director of the Tracy Gee Community Center, said All4Fun allowed her to provide treats like pizza and ice cream to children in the Summer Kids Program.

“Having the funds to be able to purchase materials, arts and crafts has been such a help,” she said.

The nonprofit has left a mark on the precinct in other ways as well. In less than a year, it has made a slew of donations, including:

• a classic book collection for the Tracy Gee library to introduce readers to classic literature.
• equipment for residents to borrow at the new pickleball courts at Weekley Community Center.
• ukuleles for residents to check out at Glazier Senior Center.


All4Fun also supports the Houston Area Live Steamers by paying for train equipment and maintenance at Zube Park. Additionally, seniors can purchase discounted tickets from All4Fun to the rodeo and sporting events. With All4Fun, seniors can skip the line and focus on having fun by paying for their event tickets in advance through the nonprofit.

“You always hear about the Precinct 4 sparkle,” said Perez. “We’re that. Our community center staff members already know how to host luncheons, dances, and events. They’ve been doing it for years. But we can add a little extra – that sparkle to make our events truly unique.”