Bugs Buzz!

By Steve Hostetler, JJPV President

Calling all nature lovers! We need your help. Check out a special message from JJPV President Steve Hostetler about new volunteer opportunities below, including a position as a volunteer beekeeper.

Hello to all!

It’s that time of year! The Jesse Jones Park Volunteers Board of Directors is looking for new volunteers, new board members, and new captains for festivals, programs, and events.

Below are a few specific needs:

  1. Nominating Committee members by Wednesday, May 29, for the upcoming JJPV Board of Directors elections in August.
  2. New captains for the concession stand and the photo wagon.
  3. Committee members for a new event called Christmas in July, tentatively slated for July 2020.
  4. New captain for the park’s bee program starting in December 2019.

If you have the bug to buzz, please contact the following folks:

  1. Kim Hammond, volunteer coordinator, at khammond@hcp4.net
  2. Steve Hostetler, president of the JJPV Board of Directors, at shostetler@sadlconstruction.com
  3. Gary Chapman, first vice president of the JJPV Board of Directors, at gary.chapman5206@gmail.com

I hope and pray you will join me and the board as we develop innovative ideas to attract new JJPV members. Then we can have a bigger and better celebration in August.

As president of the JJPV for the past two years, I have much to be thankful for — persevering through Hurricane Harvey and the Redbud Hill Storage Facility project, to name a few. In the next three to four months, we are gearing up for the build-out of our new office and storage mezzanine. Please pray for the success of these projects!

Check out our Facebook page, like us, and let us know how we can make JJPV better!

Finally, a huge thank you to our board members and volunteers for always volunteering with a smile. I look forward to our new board and volunteers in August!