CYPRESS LOG: Summer 2020 President’s Message

As we deal with life during the pandemic, Jones Park continues to be a refuge and an oasis away from the stress of our daily struggles. These ever-changing times create a dynamic challenge for the park staff – and new opportunities. Jones Park employees now engage with the public virtually by posting video demonstrations and educational programs on Facebook. Taking their lead, the JJPV Board of Directors also began exploring virtual meetings.

We held our first JJPV monthly meeting on Zoom in June and had a “virtual crowd” in attendance. Our first attempt at a virtual meeting was successful, and it has opened a few new doors for us. By incorporating Zoom regularly into our future monthly meetings, we’ll be able to offer an alternative to JJPV members who might be out of town or otherwise unable to attend in person. Additionally, we can record the monthly presentations and post them to Facebook for later viewing by a broader audience. Our next opportunity will be the JJPV monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 28.

As the 2019/2020 fiscal year ends, it’s time to recognize our volunteers’ service and elect a new JJPV Board of Directors. The JJP Volunteer Appreciation and officer election will be Monday, Aug. 31, at 7 p.m. The JJPV Nomination Committee placed the following slate of candidates in nomination for your consideration.


President                               Gary Chapman

1st Vice President                 Mary Jo Chapman

2nd Vice President                Cory Noble

Treasurer                               Chris Arceneaux

Secretary                               Anita Zeigler

See you at the Volunteer Appreciation Party. – Gary Chapman, JJPV President