Greater Service Through Collaboration

By Alicia Alaniz

When it comes to improving safety and mobility, Precinct 4’s Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Division strives to go beyond the call of duty.

The CIP program focuses on new road construction, road expansion projects, including drainage mitigation, traffic signals and intersection improvements, school zone flashing warning signals, and sidewalks throughout Precinct 4.

“Serving constituents is Precinct 4’s purpose—serving them well is our number one goal,” says Lindsey Trahan, agency coordinator for Precinct 4’s CIP Division. “Collaboration allows the county to stretch our funds so we can expand our services.”

Trahan works with Home Owners Associations (HOAs) and Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) in Precinct 4 to offer partnership opportunities to better serve their residents. “These partnerships allow us to provide additional services,” says Trahan.

According to Trahan, sidewalk installation is one of the most common partnership requests CIP receives.

“Precinct 4’s policy suggests Precinct 4 will install sidewalks from a subdivision entrance to a school property line, along a curbed major thoroughfare, as long as there is an existing sidewalk on the school property,” says Trahan. “Sidewalks that do not comply with the policy require an HOA, MUD, or school district to fund 50 percent of the project cost.”

As population growth continues, previously quiet subdivisions may deal with additional traffic, sparking the need for safer pedestrian routes. Aging subdivisions may also need other upgrades to comply with modern safety standards.

For example, the Birnam Wood- Fairfax Homeowners Association recently partnered with Precinct 4 to install sidewalks on the east and west side of Reynaldo Drive, upgrade the pedestrian ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and refresh the crosswalk striping in the subdivision.

“If you want capital improvements in your neighborhood, a great first step is getting your HOA or MUD on board with your idea,” Trahan advises. “Your initiative will have more impact if they are willing to partner with the county.”

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