HCFCD Completes Debris Removal from Bayous and Creeks

Way to go, Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD)! HCFCD recently completed a county-wide effort to remove downed trees and other storm debris clogging Harris County’s bayous and creeks.

Work started days after Harvey and continued into October. In that time, HCFCD has removed more than 140,000 cubic yards of storm debris, which is enough to fill more than 45 Olympic-size swimming pools. The debris removed from Cypress Creek alone was enough to fill 327 trucks!

Debris included everything from refrigerators and other large objects washed into the channel to as many as six automobiles.

The Flood Control District used special storm debris contractors, as well as in-house debris removal crews, to complete its sweep of the county’s 22 watersheds.
Crews used floating barges, chainsaws, and excavators to remove debris in some areas, hand tools in others. In areas with unique challenges in terms of equipment access, such as Buffalo Bayou, the Flood Control District was able to secure additional temporary rights-of-entry to public and private property, and to purchase access property that will be useful in future ongoing maintenance.

Crews focused on removing debris that was impeding stormwater conveyance, or that had washed against a bridge, pipeline structure or utility. Accumulated silt was not part of this effort, and vegetative debris that was silted into the slopes or bottom of the channel was typically left in place.

Residents are encouraged to report bayou and creek debris to the Flood Control District’s Citizen Service Center at www.hcfcd.org/contact-us/citizen-service-center/ or by calling (713) 684-4197.