HCFCD To Remove 8,500 Dump Trucks Worth of Sediment from Bens Branch


Construction is under way on a major channel in Kingwood.

Harris County Flood Control District plans to restore capacity to Bens Branch from Kingwood Drive to just downstream of West Lake Houston Parkway by removing 76,285 cubic yards of sediment from the stream – enough to fill 8,500 dump trucks.

The project became a priority after Hurricane Harvey sent record levels of sediment through tributaries of the San Jacinto River and into Lake Houston.

“This project came on our radar last fall after we began inspecting our channel system,” said Jason Krahn, the project manager. “We found that flood damage and the natural process of erosion and sediment buildup over time reduced the channel’s efficiency.

“This maintenance project will restore the channel to its original design from 1991, allowing it to perform at peak capacity.”

The changes will be so drastic that the channel will resemble a lake in some areas, said Krahn.

“What’s going to be most noticeable is how much physically bigger the channel will look,” said Krahn. “The area is highly visible from the bridge on West Lake Houston Parkway. The channel spans about 120 feet, but it’s filled with what looks like little islands. Once we’re finished, it’s almost going to look like a big linear lake.”

For more information, visit www.hcfcd.org/.