What is Precinct 4’s Infrastructure Division?

Precinct 4’s Infrastructure Division manages new traffic improvement projects every year, including road expansion projects, traffic signals, intersection improvements, and traffic management systems.

The Infrastructure Division will begin installing new flashing school zone signs in schools throughout Precinct 4 in 2022. Precinct 4 also installs sidewalks around schools to improve safety with money from the Child Safety Fund.

What are the funding sources?

The Infrastructure Division receives funding from METRO, the Harris County Toll Road Authority, and a 2015 road bond issue. METRO funds, which are based on the sales tax revenue the county receives from the Metropolitan Transit Authority, are used for the construction and maintenance of streets, bridges, traffic control signals, sidewalks, trails, and drainage improvements within METRO’s service area. These funds are split equally among Harris County’s four precincts.

The Infrastructure Division also seeks grants or partnerships with other agencies to stretch its budget. These organizations include the state Department of Transportation, municipalities, local utility districts, communities, and homeowners associations.

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