Jones Park Volunteer Feature: Don Roe

For more than 26 years, Don Roe has been essential to Jesse Jones Park Volunteers. Starting as a tour guide in 1992, Don’s passion and enthusiasm for the job quickly earned him a promotion as a tour guide coordinator. A history lover with an affinity for nature, Don enjoyed introducing inner-city children to the sights and sounds of nature and demonstrating the lifestyles of early Texas settlers. His enthusiasm was especially beneficial in inspiring others to volunteer.

Year after year, he was a mainstay of Pioneer Day and Homestead Heritage Day. A line of people would gather to watch Don demonstrate the use of black-powder muzzle loaders. He even organized an informal militia group for Jones Park events that went by the nickname Roe’s Rangers!

Behind the scenes, Don served on the JJPV Board of Directors for 22 years. In particular, his service as treasurer strengthened the organization as he conscientiously tracked and managed donations, deposits, and capital improvement funds. Although Don retired from his position as treasurer in the summer of 2018, Jones Park continues to benefit from the structure and stability he provided.

This past fall, the JJPV Board presented Don with an engraved plaque thanking him for his dedication and service. All volunteers are encouraged to reach out to Don with their individual thanks and friendship.