Meet Your New Commissioner

Commissioner Cagle

How does redistricting affect me?

The redistricting means that Harris County Precinct 4 now maintains your roads, nearby parks, and community centers, and that I represent you on Commissioners Court, Harris County’s governing body. Residents may submit service requests by phone at 832-927-4444, by email to, or online at

As we learn more about our new area, your Precinct 4 team also looks forward to continuing the services you know and love while finding new ways to serve our area.

Will you change my park and community center programs?

Rest assured, your community center programs and activities will continue as before. We will also offer additional opportunities to attend live performances, family movie nights, and festivals at a park or community center near you. Other improvements include online event registration and a searchable database full of Precinct 4 events.

What are your top priorities in the new Precinct 4?

You can count on your Precinct 4 team to continue growing and making improvements to your roads, parks, and communities. Expect prompt road repairs, clean streets, excellent customer service, and refreshed community centers and parks. That was our reputation before, and you have my word it will continue to be our reputation. We are here to serve you. Contact us at 832-927-4444 or to request service.

To address Harris County’s growing rates of violent crime, I continue to push for more officers on the streets, prosecutors in our courtrooms, and I will oppose any discretionary felony bail revision resulting in the release of violent, repeat offenders. As your commissioner, I fight for your safety and common-sense policies that help, rather than hurt, public safety. We need to hold our judges accountable for endangering the public.

My office recently established a Victims Services Center at the Ponderosa Fire Department to make filing charges easier for victims of human trafficking, abuse, and assault. I support victims first, and I hope to establish more of these centers.

And, as always, flood mitigation remains a top priority. I helped pass some of the strictest regulations in the nation for building in the floodplain in 2017 and advocated for the passage of a $2.5 billion flood control bond issue in 2018. I continue to support the Harris County Flood Control District as its employees work to complete these projects and identify more ways to mitigate flooding. And I will continue to oppose attempts to re-prioritize our flood projects based on someone’s vague notions of “social vulnerability.” We need to protect as many people as possible as fast as we can.

About Commissioner Cagle

Commissioner Cagle has served as county commissioner for Harris County Precinct 4 since 2011. He was re-elected in 2014 and again in 2018.

For more than 30 years, he has worked with and served the residents of Harris County as an attorney, an elected judge, and as county commissioner.

As commissioner, he helped pass Harris County’s strictest regulations on building in flood zones in 2017 and worked to pass a $2.5 billion flood control bond issue in 2018. After Hurricane Harvey, he created a Precinct 4 rescue fleet capable of large debris removal and high-water rescues. This equipment is now available to you and your neighbors during emergencies. Cagle also developed a Legacy Trees program to reduce flood risk and beautify communities through tree plantings. As part of the program, Precinct 4 donates historic trees with exciting stories to schools and nonprofits.

Cagle is a graduate of Rice University with triple majors in economics, history, and managerial studies, as well as a graduate of Baylor Law School. He is married to Janet, and they have three grown children: Richard, Victoria, and Elizabeth.