Mercer Botanic Gardens Announces New Interim Director

Mercer’s under new leadership! As Mercer’s new interim director, Chris Ludwig will focus on improving Mercer’s flood resiliency and carrying out a new master plan at Mercer.

“Our master plan will help us grow by identifying the best use of Mercer’s resources,” said Ludwig. “We may not be able to move the gardens, but we can make the inevitable floods less damaging.”

Commissioner R. Jack Cagle selected Ludwig for the position based on his horticultural experience and demonstrated leadership ability during multiple disasters, including the Tax Day Flood in 2016 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017. With his help, Mercer has recovered at an unprecedented pace.

“Ludwig has aided Mercer’s recovery through several disasters in his 15 years as lead horticulturist,” said Commissioner Cagle. “Not only did he oversee the horticultural aspects of Mercer’s restoration following Harvey, but he also managed the openings of four new gardens–all in less than a year.”

In the future, Ludwig said visitors can look forward to gaining access to new areas of the garden to explore by spring of next year.

“Our goal is to make those areas stronger, so they can better withstand the next storm,” he said.