Looking for new ways to connect with your community?

Stay updated on happenings around the Cypress Creek area by downloading the Discover Northwest Houston app.
App users can now access a database of businesses, health care facilities, and schools. Area businesses are also invited to add a listing to the app at no cost.

Other features include portals for Harris County Precinct 4 and the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, where app users can access traditional Precinct 4 and chamber services.

The Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce formally launch the app in late July to serve four purposes: 1) Promotion of businesses with featured articles, images, videos, GPS navigation, shop local programs, and digital loyalty cards. 2) Promotion of the benefits of working, living and visiting our community. 3) Creating unity and definition of our Northwest Houston community. 4) Proactively informing people of upcoming events, local news, and announcements.

Find the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play by typing in Discover Northwest Houston. For more information, visit www.houstonnwchamber.org/.