Precinct 4 Congratulates New Park Rangers

Precinct 4 recently recognized its most qualified Parks Department employees during a Park Ranger Badge Ceremony.

Seven Precinct 4 park caretakers were promoted to park rangers and presented a silver badge for achieving a combination of education and experience totaling five years. Three park rangers who achieved a combination of experience and education equaling 10 years received Ranger II status and a gold badge.

Park rangers maintain the park grounds and offer security to residents, but also serve as information sources. Precinct 4 started the program in 2014 to retain its most valued employees. Ceremonies are held semi-annually each January and July.

“Precinct 4 prides itself on providing quality service to the public,” said Commissioner R. Jack Cagle. “This is just one more way we can keep the best and brightest working in your parks.”

Rangers who received the promotion include the following:

• Gary Ginn – Ranger I
• Cory Sullivan – Ranger I
• Rogelio Arauz – Ranger I
• Kyle Mills – Ranger I
• Cameron Stark – Ranger I
• Randall Rafoth – Ranger I
• Lester Jaeger – Ranger I
• Michael McLeod – Ranger II
• Victor Gable – Ranger II
• David Urrutia – Ranger II

“We’re already seeing benefits from the program,” said Park Superintendent Dennis Johnston. “Very few employees leave after reaching the five-year mark and even fewer after 10. They really start to feel connected to our parks, and that extra quality care makes our parks stand out.”