Orienteering Course at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve


GPS has changed the way Americans think about traveling. Drivers no longer tediously map out their routes or give much thought to which way is north. Although many appreciate the freedom of GPS, experts worry an overreliance on technology has reduced our natural abilities.

It’s a problem the Boy Scouts of America seeks to avoid. From a young age, Scouts participate in a popular program known as orienteering, which prepares them for finding their way through unfamiliar terrain when technology isn’t available. Benefits of the activity include improving map-reading skills and preparing Scouts for navigating areas ranging from city streets to remote areas with only a map and compass.

Precinct 4 residents can learn this valuable skill by trying out the new permanent orienteering course at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. The six-point course features a sign with compass coordinates, white wooden poles, and orange markers on the west side of the park, behind the picnic pavilion and the Scout camping area.

To get started, you will need to find a reliable orienteering guide or join an orienteering group.

For more information about orienteering, click here.