Precinct 4 Now Serving Your Area

Precinct 4 is here to serve!

When a restaurant changes management, visitors might expect to see changes in food quality, the menu, and service. When the leadership of an entire political district changes, though, residents can expect more than just a few new dishes.

In a 3-2 vote, Commissioners Court approved a redistricting plan in October that flipped Harris County precincts 3 and 4, while leaving the remaining precincts largely unaffected. The decision, opposed by Precinct 4 Commissioner R. Jack Cagle and Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom S. Ramsey, changed the representation of more than 2.3 million residents – nearly half the county’s population.

Commissioner Cagle now serves most residents of western and southwestern Harris County, and Commissioner Ramsey serves the northern and northeastern parts of the county.

As your new county commissioner, Commissioner Cagle is excited to begin maintenance of your parks, roads, and community centers while providing a full menu of recreational and educational events and activities.

Although Commissioner Cagle may be new to many of his western Harris County constituents, he’s served as Precinct 4 commissioner for more than a decade. In that time, he built an unrivaled parks system with a 17-mile urban greenway with bike paths, provided hundreds of new events and activities, and maintained the county’s largest road and bridge system – all with no extra funding.

He looks forward to forging new relationships and providing an array of improved services and amenities in your communities.