Ready to Respond in Precinct 4

During floods, Precinct 4 employees certified in high-water rescues use these vehicles to transport flood victims out of harm’s way. Precinct 4 buses then provide transportation to shelters and other staging locations. Because flooding remains one of the county’s top threats, Precinct 4 will continue expanding and refining its disaster response services.

Precinct 4 staff members also work closely with the Harris County Office of Emergency Management to monitor and address emergencies and disasters ranging from chemical spills and water main breaks to ice storms and pandemics. As part of the partnership, trained Precinct 4 employees travel to the Emergency Operations Center during activations to work directly with Harris County’s emergency management professionals.

Our employees often go beyond the call of duty. In the past, they’ve helped with vaccination programs, water, food, and hand sanitizer distribution and opened our showers to those who lost water during Winter Storm Uri.

After disasters, residents can rely on Precinct 4 to remove storm debris, clear downed limbs from roadways, and provide other recovery services as needed. Those who need to drop off debris may use the Precinct 4 dumpsters in Tomball and Hockley Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Throughout it all, Precinct 4’s Community Assistance Department is here to help. The staff responds to service requests and connects residents to vital resources 24 hours a day during disasters. To request service, call 832-927-4444 or email For more information, visit