Who maintains the roads?

One of the primary duties of a county commissioner is to plan, build and maintain roads and bridges. It’s a major undertaking, but even more so in Precinct 4.

With 5,366 “lane miles” and 2,628 “linear” miles, Precinct 4 has the largest road and bridge maintenance area of any precinct in Harris County. (“Lane miles” accounts for the length and number of lanes of each roadway. “Linear miles” measures only the length of the roadway.)

So how does Precinct 4 keep up with such a large area? Precinct 4’s Road & Bridge Department responds to thousands of service requests every year. Residents can request mowing along county rights-of-way and medians, road repairs, ditch repair, tree trimming, trash removal, and other services along county-maintained roadways.

To pay for these services, Precinct 4’s Road & Bridge Department relies on mobility funds and other revenue. Mobility funds are used for the study, design, construction, maintenance, repair or operation of roads, streets, highways, or other related facilities. The current formula for distributing mobility funds is based on a variety of factors, including the precinct’s population and lane miles, although there has been discussion by the newer members of Commissioners Court recently of changing the formula.

For more information or to request a repair, visit work order request.