Seeds for Tomorrow

Harris County Flood Control District is sowing the seeds for tomorrow.

When it comes to preventing erosion, slowing floodwaters, and filtering stormwater, nothing rivals native plants. Adaptable, resilient, and low maintenance, they stabilize the soil and require little mowing, making them ideal for growing in basins and along the thousands of miles of channels and waterways of Harris County.

Unfortunately, commercially available native seed mixes in the correct quantities are hard to find. Most commercially available mixes also tend to produce plants that dwindle over the years because they are not suited to Harris County.

That’s why the Harris County Flood Control District recently partnered with Texas Native Seed of Texas A&M Kingsville to develop an improved native seed mix for the region. The project includes seeding and studying two test areas over the next five years. Those sites include plots in Tomball and south Harris County to account for the varying soil types.

Once a seed formula is developed, the flood control district will work with Houston Wilderness to promote the mix to local seed producers. The flood control district hopes the study will lead to commercially available native grass seed mixes suited to Harris County and surrounding areas.

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