Summer is the Busiest Time of Year for Road Repairs

It’s the season for outdoor fun. But for Precinct 4’s Road & Bridge Department, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year for road maintenance.


Precinct 4’s Road & Bridge Department works almost daily from March through December, mowing along county roads to control weeds, beautify the community, enhance visibility, and improve drainage.


The combination of heavy rain and heat make roadway maintenance even more critical as grass and weeds can quickly become unmanageable.


Summer storms can also be brutal on roadways, leading to sinkholes and cracks from erosion. Crews work daily to patch potholes, depressions, and cracks before they grow into more significant problems. With regular maintenance, roadways can last much longer.


Other problems can occur from lack of rain as the weather heats up and saps moisture from the ground, leading to dust build-up and loose gravel along roadways. Crews regularly sweep busy roads to help protect cars from dirt and debris that can ruin paint and slow the flow of traffic.


Precinct 4’s regular maintenance projects don’t slow down either. Road & Bridge crews still perform concrete and culvert repairs, resurfacing and repaving projects, sign repair or replacement, and trash pickup as needed. So next time you see our employees out working in the heat, give them a wave and let them know they’re appreciated.


To request a repair, contact the Community Assistance Department at 281-353-8424 or visit