What is the Role of a County Judge in Commissioners Court?

Local government can be confusing. Terms such as county judge and Commissioners Court may sound like your elected officials are conducting trials when, in reality, their duties couldn’t be more different.

So, what does a county judge do, and what is Commissioners Court? Teachers teach. Preachers preach. Doctors doctor. And, the members of Commissioners Court commission. In Harris County and counties throughout Texas, a county judge and four county commissioners govern the county through regularly scheduled Commissioners Court meetings and approve the funding of critical county services.

As the presiding officer and a voting member of Commissioners Court, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett works with four Harris County commissioners, Rodney Ellis, Jack Morman, Steve Radack, and Jack Cagle, to approve the budget and expenditures for the entire county and oversee all county government departments. This includes Harris County Flood Control District, the Constable’s Office, and Harris County Public Health. Commissioners Court along with these entities make up county government.
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