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Kleb Woods Nature Preserve & Center features more than 3 miles of paved and natural trails through 133 acres of pine forests, wetlands, and a remnant prairie.

Before becoming a preserve, the property was prairie and farmland owned by the Kleb family. Elmer Kleb, who lived on the property from his birth in 1907 until his death in 1999, spent decades transforming the sparse farmland into a forested preserve. Now a thickly canopied forest, the preserve includes loblolly pine, Shumard oak, water oak, live oak, eastern red cedar, sugarberry, and pecan trees.

Harris County purchased the land in 1991 to create a nature preserve, center, and heritage farm. Visitors can now explore the old Kleb homestead and blacksmith shop by appointment and view historical farm equipment. The park is also a popular birding destination featuring sparrows, wrens, blackbirds, mockingbirds, thrushes, robins, and waxwings. Camping is also available to Scouts.

NATURE’S PREROGATIVE: A Dog-Free Kleb Woods Nature Preserve

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome in Harris County Precinct 4 parks, with rare exceptions.

While we understand your desire to experience nature with your dog at your side, we must respectfully ask that you refrain from doing so at Kleb Woods Nature Preserve.

Recent studies have shown that dogs, even those on leashes, drive other wildlife from the area.

Our mission is to keep wildlife thriving at Kleb Woods so park patrons of all ages can enjoy and learn more about the wonders of nature. Commissioner Lesley Briones proudly provides educational programs centered around the rich history of the area and the opportunity to observe wildlife in a lush and natural habitat at Kleb Woods.

This decision was thoughtfully made after consulting experts, studying the issue carefully, and referencing scientific data to confirm the best approach to preserving the wildlife at Kleb Woods.

Commissioner Briones loves dogs, too, and operates parks designed for people to indulge their dogs:

  • Millie Bush Dog Park in George Bush Park
    16756 Westheimer Parkway
  • Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park
    3201 Hwy. 6 North
  • Beverly Kaufman Dog Park in Paul D. Rushing Park
    9114 Katy Hockley Road
  • Zube Park (Paved walking trail)
    17701 Becker Road Cypress TX 77477

These facilities have their own sets of rules. Please visit the Precinct 4 website at hcp4.net for more information. Thank you!

Thank you for joining us in stewardship to protect the wildlife and environment that belongs to future generations.

Park Details

  • 281-357-5324
  • 7:00 a.m. - Dusk
  • Park Map
    Acres: 133.5
    Trail Length: 3.17 miles