Flood Control Benefits

Trees Buffer Against Flooding

Our forests and our bayous, creeks, and rivers are the legacy of Houston – the “Bayou City” – but they won’t last without proactive leaders working to protect and preserve areas like the Spring Creek Greenway for future generations.

  • Forests buffer against flooding by absorbing rainfall in their canopies and in the soil.
  • During a heavy rain, a healthy forest can absorb as much as 20,000 gallons of water in an hour.
  • Trees act as natural water filters and significantly slow the movement of storm water, which lowers runoff, soil erosion, and flooding. From an economic viewpoint, communities that use this important function of trees and canopy cover may spend less money on other flood control methods.
  • Infiltration rates for forested areas are 10-15 times greater than for equivalent areas of turf and grass.

Source: www.southernforests.org/urban/benefits-of-urban-trees

Harris County Flood Control

To learn more about Harris County’s flood control efforts, visit www.hcfcd.org.